Cross Creek Honey
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2 ounce Sample Jar
Our sample jars are perfect for small gifts or for sampling different varieties of honey. They make great stocking-stuffers or additions to gift baskets.


12 ounce Jar
1 pound Jar
Cross Creek Honey 
Depending on the season, we sell premium Florida floral varieties of honey including: 

Orange Blossom- sweet with light citrus  notes...light blonde color 
Tupelo- a specialty from the panhandle..sweet or woodsy flavor depends on your palette.... 
Gallberry- amber color mild 
honey with light berry notes
Palmetto- rich full flavor, slight cherry note...light red amber color 
​​​Wildflower-​​ depending on where the bees foraged decides the taste and color of this hon​​e​y..

We do not hold our honeys over from one season to the next, so sometimes we may be out of a varietal honey, but we will be glad to let you know as soon as the next fresh crop comes in.  
A great gift for your honey loving friends, or if you use only a little bit of honey in your diet.
A one-pound jar is a great buy for a honey-eating family or for using as a sugar substitute in cooking and diet.

Honey...the Way 
Bees Intended...
Honey Variety
Honey Variety
Honey Variety
1 pound Jar- Tupelo
A premium Florida honey straight from the panhandle. Sweet or woodsy depending on your taste palette.